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Update your look – Modern Fringe. An electric trend for Spring & Summer from classy to edgy. Must-haves from TOPSHOP Kate Moss Collection 2014  & Zara Spring & Summer Accessories 2014. Click below for all your shopping and brand link needs…

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Bring on the MODERN FRINGE! Kate Moss for TOPSHOP with stunning ’60s and ’70s inspired collections with tons of edgy on-trend fringe. Easy style update – Zara Fringe Accessories! Click below for all your shopping and brand link needs…

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April 2014 Fashion Obsession Maria Yerukhimova Lifestyle SkyAPRIL FAVORITES & OBSESSIONS – Happy Spring!

1: THE LOOK – J BRAND MODERN WHITE: The anything J Brand obsession continues especially with this on trend modern white look. White Jeans + Modern White Top = Perfect Look for Spring & Summer. Jeans shown: 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Leg in white $172. Image courtesy:, J Brand Spring Lookbook 2014.

2: THE TREND – FRINGE: Zara Fringe Bag $99.90 perfect for Coachella and is a stunning on-trend addition to your Spring – Summer Look! Image courtesy:

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Lifestyle Sky Maria Yerukhimova The Beauty Edit New BestThe Beauty Edit – My Ultimate Top 6 Must-Have Beauty Products that I Can’t Live Without!

1: Natural Beauty - Georgia Louise Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone $45. Rose quartz has been known to have many healing benefits including anti-ageing. It’s a little confusing/mystical on how it works but to explain what it does simply –  It’s a natural stone that in this case is used to message the face to help drain puffiness. It makes sense, because messaging the face especially in the morning does help with puffiness and helps drain eye bags but this stone goes a few steps forward. This products is from Georgia Louis Spa, specializing in first-class Spa and Facial Treatments located in NY Manhattan. From their website – “Regular massaging with this stone will help to drain puffiness and unwanted toxins, contour the face and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles”. This stone can be purchased directly from the website and it does not hurt that it’s shaped as a beautiful pink butterfly! Image

2: The Classic - Prada Perfume Infusion d’Homme from Saks Fifth Avenue $58+. This in my opinion is the best of the best in fragrance. Technically this one is for men but I think it has a very clean unisex sent to it that smells amazing on both men and women. I wear it all the time, spray the room with it, and pretty much overall obsess over the clean sophisticated smell for the past five + years. Image courtesy: Prada at

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Lifestyle Sky Beauty Secrets Health The Top Five Maria Yerukhimova

My TOP 5 BEAUTY, HEALTH & WELLNESS SECRETS that changed my life

Here is how I changed my body, energy, mental clarity, and health!

Note: The below information is purely based on my own experience and not from a massive study or countless lab experiments. Always consult your doctor before changing or adding anything to your diet.

1: WATER (Tons of Water) + Warm Water with Lemon Juice. Yes, I know everyone and their Mom talks about how important it is to drink the proper amount of water everyday but it really is the BEST beauty secret there is! I did not pay too much attention a few yeas ago how much water I drank but then when you hit a massive brick wall emotionally, physically, and mentally you start to do some soul searching and countless hours of research on wellness & health late, late at night. Turns out I was crazy dehydrated from drinking 40 pound of coffee and 60 pounds of tea (I am slightly exaggerating on the pounds) each day with no fresh water! I did not look healthy and more importantly I did not feel healthy with zero energy. I will also not talk about the horrible mood swings and migraine headaches that come from dehydration. Instead of popping more and more pills into my body I decided to give this water thing a try. We all know that our brain and body is made up of mostly water. All life on earth revolves around and depends on water. Drink it!

Here is how I cultivated the habit of drinking the proper amount of water for my body weight and increased my energy by over 60%-70%!

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March 2014 Fashion Trend Obsessions Maria Masha Yerukhimova Lifestyle SkySpring is almost here and I am looking forward to wearing my favorite Spring looks that have been hitting the runways since last year. The main trends and obsessions for March & Spring: Sheer Trend – as long as it’s modern and sophisticated with clean lines, White & Black trend – is everywhere and is especially beautiful for Sporty looks – the Zara Spring 2014 Collection is a great example. Also High-Rise Bottoms, Cropped Tops, White on White, Ethereal, Minimal, Anything Evil Eye (Love Kenzo!), Embellished Tops & Sweatshirts, Show Stopping Single Earring, and the classic investment Item.

1: So inspired by anything white, cream, clean, and sheer/transparent. Here we have a stunning sporty sheer look with a futuristic necklace and bright eye shadow. This picture is from Saks Fifth Avenue and the entire look is my inspiration for Spring and Summer. “Transparency that is tailored in a sporty, fun style” Saks . The model is wearing Stella McCartney. Image courtesy: Saks Fifth Avenue Pinterest and

2: I love gold jewelry especially cuffs. This one is from Kate Spade New York $58. Love jewelry with a positive message/affirmation! Perfection! Image courtesy:

3: The black pump is always a classic and the perfect investment item. It goes with everything and this season it’s crazy beautiful with jeans – modern and elegant. This beauty is from Zara $99.90 in black leather and has great hight to it. Image courtesy: Leather Black Stiletto

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Lifestyle Sky J Brand Jeans Spring 2014 Maria YerukhimovaOne of my favorite brand of jeans are the ultra flattering J Brand Jeans especially the ’2311  Maria high-rise skinny’ in black & dark wash available at & Timeless and sophisticated, these jeans are all about the perfect fit that flatter almost any shape. The J Brand Spring 2014 collection shows a great range of current and up-and-coming trends such as the still hot striped black & white shirt, cropped bottoms, laid back loose fit denim shorts, leather pants, high-rise denim, white on black trend, and Spring pink trend. Love that they have a beautiful ready-to-wear collection with modern tops, skirts, and dresses as well as designer denim. The one trend that I am obsessing over (and you read it here first!) is the high-rise denim trend predicted to be everywhere…so comfortable and so flattering. Pair your high-waisted  denim/pants with a cropped top or with a tucked in striped shirt. Images courtesy:, J Brand Spring Lookbook 2014.

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February Favorites Fashion Blog Lifestyle Sky Maria Masha YerukhimovaHappy February! This month it’s all about love, fashion week and the Sochi Winter 2014 Olympics!

1: My woman of the month is the ridiculously inspirational entrepreneur Marie Forleo. Marie created a successful business from the ground up as a lifestyle coach, smart online marketer and has award winning online videos called Marie TV. She also offers an online 8-week business/marketing school once per year called “B-School”. Her short, fun and always inspiring videos on business, online marketing and just general life Q & A’s come out every Tuesday on her website. She offers smart advice with simple action plans. I just discovered her videos one month ago and now a huge fan and always look forward to her videos every Tuesday morning. Who would have thought there is another girl out there who loves marketing, business, self development, positivity, AND scary movies just as much as I do! I am borderline obsessive with the topics listed above. Finally someone I can relate to! I highly recommend her videos and blog posts to anyone looking for some smart business, marketing, and self development advice. Feeling stuck, frustrated, confused and not getting any support from friends? Marie TV is for you! I guarantee you will love it and/or find most of her advice/knowledge very helpful especially on Marketing & Business! Love, love her! Image courtesy:

2: This month I am a little obsessed with shoes and of course white on white trend. What better way to start than with the ultimate classic and most coveted by even the most stylish fashionistas, the Converse All Star white high tops for men and women $49.95. Ladies this also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other. Also available in the classic black that always remind me of The Sandlot so I will f o r e v e r  love these. Image courtesy:

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Lady Pink Trend 2014 Lifestyle Sky Fashion Blog Maria Masha Yerukhimova Stella Mccartney Pink Embellished DressValentine’s Day is almost here and what better way to feel inspired for the month of February than with soft pinks and this aubine embellished satin-twill dress from the STELLA MCCARTNEY Resort Collection 2014. I am obsessed with this dress because it’s the perfect shade of pastel pink with a simple cut that works beautifully with the colorful crystal embellishments. The crystal-adorned dress is embellished with heart, lip and matchstick motifs and is approximately $2,955 from Also from the same collection is the ultra favorite cult status Stella McCartney chain bag in a soft shade of pink with the same crystal-adorned embellishments.

Zara Spring 2014 Collection is here and I so need to have this pink technical fabric top with jeweled embellishments! Perfect for Spring and Summer and looks great with everything including jeans! Now available at $59.90

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Lifestyle Sky Fashion Blog January 2014 Obsessions

Happy New Year 2014! January is a perfect month to start fresh, make new exciting goals, commit to better fitness, health, and even make a completely new life for yourself…a life of your dreams. It’s up to each person to make the decision to get clear on what they want in life, write out their goals, stay committed, and hold themselves accountable. As I learned in self-development study that the only way to happiness is through daily growth, daily progress, and a never ending enthusiasm for learning. And one of the best things I learned this past year: motivation, learning, passion, drive, happiness, and living a positive life is like bathing. Bathing does not last… that is why it’s recommend daily. Zig Zigler. This is a daily commitment for the rest of your life not just once in a while. You can’t just hope for the best and do nothing. Living the same way and expecting a different result as you know is just crazy. Everything in life including motivation, habits, and relationships need daily attention and growth. “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” JR

1: This is probably one of the best and my top favorite look ever from Tuulavintage blog. I am giving this a look of the year award 2014! It’s beautiful, sophisticated, comfortable, and fashion forward. Leather pants, classy belt, and eye catching shoes make this outfit stunning. Not sure what to wear? This is a perfect daily uniform. Image courtesy:

2: Can’t stay away from Balmain and this is again my favorite from 2013 going to 2014 white on white trend. Image courtesy: 

3: Vans metallic shoes take the top three spot with this fun gold edition. Slip-on shoes made a come back in 2013 and will continue to be popular this year. They are super comfortable and have a fashion forward casual look. Love! Image courtesy: Vans $59.95 from

4: Dream bag for 2014 is the small white Chanel Boy Flap Bag. I am obsessed with the extra thick long chain. Price based on size approximately over $2,000+. Image courtesy:

5: Two beauty trends I am loving for 2014 is hair part glitter especially if it’s in the same color family as your hair. Also a little sparkle at the corner of the eye. A little goes a long way. Keep the rest of your make-up natural if adding a little glitter. Also loving one tone hair color. Highlights can wait until Summer. This look from Dior Spring Runway 2014 is a perfect combination of both. Image courtesy:

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